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Every year millions of children worldwide are born with physical deformities. Approximately 1 out of every 800 are born with cleft lips or cleft palates, the fourth most common type of birth defect. Children's Corrective Surgery Society has been reaching out a healing hand to these children for over 35 years. With the help of numerous volunteers, more than 16,000 children and their families have been given a new start on life!

CCSS International Field Programs are conducted multiple times throughout the year via several field clinics in Mexico and abroad, as well as in San Diego, California.


A typical CCSS surgical field clinic performs approximately 35-45 reconstructive surgeries in a 2-3 day period. The value of each corrective surgical procedure is at least $15,000. CCSS's average cost, however, is only $250—a small amount to change the quality of life for a child.


Reconstructive surgeries performed through CCSS are not limited to children. On occasion our gifted physicians have performed corrective procedures on teens and adults as well.


Types of services provided through CCSS field clinics include: plastic surgery, cleft lip & palate correction, hemangioma removal, club foot treatment, hairy nevus treatment, and ophthalmology care. We ordinarily provide transportation to our clinics for the wonderful volunteers who donate their time and skills to our cause.

Due to unemployment, poverty and violence, many families from Mexico travel to the border town of San Luis in hopes of a better life in the United States. Unfortunately, these families are unable to leave San Luis because of a lack of proper documentation required to cross the U.S. border legally. Often times, this causes many of the men to enter the U.S. illegally, leaving their families behind with hopes of returning with adequate finances to solve their financial problems. Sadly, the majority of these men do not return, leaving the women and children to fend for themselves.


Seeing a need, CCSS began a feeding and education program in San Luis, assisting approximately 350 children and their single or abounded mothers. Due to a lack of income, the children from these broken families cannot attend the local school system. CCSS provides education, physical activity and a nutritious, hot meal.


Mothers are educated on basic hygiene and nutrition, enabling them to better care for their families. It is truly amazing to witness the incredible change a simple meal and education can make in the lives of these women and children. With the assistance of our exceptional volunteers and donors, CCSS is able to provide renewed hope and faith in the future for so many who were once left feeling hopeless.


The Education and Feeding Program is directed by Jose Rodriquez, his faithful wife, and a few very special volunteers. Over the years, the complex in San Luis has grown with the assistance of CCSS. In addition to the original kitchen and dining hall, the complex now consists of several additional classroom buildings, a basketball court and soccer field. The entire complex is protected by fencing, which provides added security for the children.

When disaster strikes, CCSS is first in line to provide shelter, food, and other types of aid to victims and their families. During critical times of need, food and medical supplies have been shipped to disaster areas in developing countries on a regular basis, such as Kenya, South Africa and other famine regions around the world.


CCSS has also been involved in providing desperately needed medicines and medical supplies for hospitals in the Ukraine, and has previously sent over 50,000 doses of Polio vaccine to South America.

It is Children's Corrective Surgery Society's desire to do all we can to assist those in need around the world, doing our part to relieve the suffering for many in their most critical hour of need.

CCSS medical volunteers provide basic medical and dental care for those in need throughout the year. Additionally, CCSS volunteers travel to the Philippines annually to provide for the needs of those who do not have access to medical or dental care, or cannot afford basic healthcare.


During a two-week period, volunteers perform routine medical procedures and administer medications. In addition, dentists who volunteer their time conduct teeth cleanings, fillings, and a variety of other dental procedures.

Over 20,000 individuals have received medical care and assistance through CCSS Field Programs in the past two years alone!

Every year, Children’s Corrective Surgery Society conducts several field surgical clinics. In addition to providing free corrective surgery for children throughout Mexico, CCSS also runs an educational and feeding program in San Luis, Mexico, as well as an annual free medical clinic in the Philippines. For further information about these programs, please read above program descriptions of CCSS field programs.


With the generous support of corporate sponsors, CCSS is able to continue to fund current programs, as well as expand their field clinics to additional areas globally where children are born with the debilitating birth defect of cleft lips, cleft palates, and other disfigurements. The need is great in these extreme poverty stricken countries.

With generous corporate monetary donations of $5,000 or more or donations of medical and surgical supplies valuing more than $5,000, organizations are recognized as a PATRON OF HOPE. As a Patron of Hope sponsor, corporations are provided:


A plaque to proudly display as a Patron of Hope sponsor of CCSS.

Corporate logo with hyperlink to corporate website placed on Patron of Hope sponsor page.

Patron of Hope shield to display on your website signifying your corporation as a proud sponsor for children in need worldwide.

Mention in news updates and press releases, as well as CCSS newsletters.

And most importantly, the joy of knowing you truly changed the course of these children’s futures!


Contact CCSS to obtain further details on being a Patron of Hope sponsor.

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