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April 30-May 1, 2010 - Feeding/Educational Facility Trip

On April 30th 2010, CCSS President John Martin and guests visited the feeding and education program in San Luis Mexico. Jose and Aleajandrina Rodriguez, who are the clinic directors in San Luis, were the host for CCSS President & CEO John Martin. Accompanying Mr. Martin on this trip were Southern California students (Kevin, Rigo and Daniel), as well as guests Corey and Amber.


Two-hundred children along with a few mothers participated in classes offered. They were also fed and provided new Beanie Babies handed out by Kevin, Rigo, Daniel, Corey and Amber.

Mr. Martin and guests spent the first night sleeping on the cafeteria floor, as the facility was full to capacity. Although a bit stiff the next morning, they were all raring to go at 6:15 a.m. preparing meals for the day for the 200 children and their mothers. Soon all aches diminished, replaced with lots of smiles and excitement for what the day ahead would bring!


Parents met in a group on the covered patio while the children headed off to their respective classes after being separated into several groups. After a great study session and as a reward for the children, all enjoyed taking their turn at splitting open piñatas filled with candy before the late morning meal was served. Don’t worry! They didn’t eat the

candy before having a well-balanced breakfast! The cafeteria and two dining rooms were filled with happiness as the children were fed from the youngest to the oldest, which took a total of three shifts to complete, and the parents then partook of a meal.


Kevin, Rigo and Daniel, along with Corey and Amber, got to experience their first authentic Mexican meal, which consisted of cactus and egg, Spanish rice, refried beans, tortilla chips with a Mexican pastry and M&M’s. While a little hesitant to try the cactus, all were pleasantly surprised by the taste.


Children and moms were all smiles at the end of the day with full bellies, full minds, and full hearts!


To find out more about this wonderful program please visit our Our Programs page.


Please help CCSS to continue this amazing program by donating today! We have made it convenient to pay online through PayPal, and all major credit cards are accepted. If you prefer to make a donation by check, money order, or cashier's check, you may do so as well.

April 9-10, 2010 - Mexicali Surgical Clinic

On April 9th, CCSS hit the road for the first of our bi-annual surgical clinics in Mexicali, Mexico at the Mexicali Red Cross. Nerves were a bit high for this particular clinic due to the recent 7.2 earthquake that centered just 19 miles from Mexicali, and the significant aftershocks that continued throughout the week.


Upon arrival, inspections were conducted to ensure the structure was sound after such a large quake. After verifying the structural stability of the building, surgical evaluations commenced. Quite a few children evaluated were too young to receive reconstructive cleft lip or cleft palate surgery, being under six months old. They will return in the fall for our second clinic, which will keep surgeons busy with an abundance of first time corrective surgeries being performed.

Aftershocks continued throughout the weekend, averaging a magnitude of 4.0+, with the largest being over 5.0. It shook things up, including causing a surgical lamp to come loose and be removed, but didn’t prove to be a problem for our dedicated surgical team who were determined not to let a few shakes stop them from giving these children new smiles and promising futures!


Friday’s surgeries went well into the evening, finishing up at around 10:30 p.m. after 19 surgeries, and 17 more corrective procedures were completed on Saturday. In the end, a total of 36 children received reconstructive surgery and many more evaluated to return in the fall. Once again, we would like to thank our tireless crew for being so generous in volunteering their skilled hands to truly make a difference!

February 18-21, 2010 - La Piedad 25th Year Anniversary

February ushered in the 25th year Children’s Corrective Surgery Society has been conducting field surgical clinics in the city of La Piedad, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. John Martin, father of current President and CEO, John (Cliff) Martin, started this clinic 25 years ago, and the children of this region have been smiling ever since! CCSS partnered once again with InterFace for this annual clinic.


Volunteers and supplies arrived on February 18th and surgical screening commenced the following day, well into the evening hours in order to prepare for the numerous corrective surgeries that would take place over the next several days


The local Swine Association and other local businesses honored field clinic volunteers with a wonderful banquet at their hotel as a way of thanking them for assisting the families and children of La Piedad and surrounding communities for so many years. After two long days, this was quite a nice surprise and wonderful way to begin our 25th year here.

Although weather prevented some families from traveling from the rainy countrysides to La Piedad to receive surgeries, volunteers were still able to perform an amazing 59 surgeries in two days! Once again, our surgical team worked tirelessly to change the lives of the beautiful children in this amazing historic area of Mexico.


In honor of CCSS performing corrective surgeries in this area for a quarter of a century, the mayor and city officials of La Piedad threw a 25th anniversary celebration banquet at the local music and arts building for all the surgical volunteers. It was a beautiful event held in the courtyard, complete with a lavish array of local and very delicious entrées and desserts.

Dancers entertained guests with traditional, regional dances. As a special treat, they arranged several original dance numbers specifically for this 25th anniversary occasion! John C. Martin, CCSS President and CEO, was presented with a plaque in honor of CCSS’s 25 years of service to the community of La Piedad, as well as volunteers from InterFace.


The several days spent in La Piedad were filled with so much excitement and joy, not only due to the spectacular anniversary celebrations, but more importantly because of the numerous children who were the blessed beneficiaries of free corrective surgeries, removing their mask of deformity and providing them a future full of hope and endless possibilities! It has been a joy and an honor to be a part of this community for 25 years!


Please visit CCSS’s YouTube page for a complete video.

January 6, 2010 - YouTube Channel Launched

On January 6th, CCSS launched its very own YouTube channel. We are extremely excited to be able to share the wonderful work our amazing volunteers provide throughout the year, and the faces of the beautiful children CCSS has the pleasure of providing for.


The first video is a beautiful visual of CCSS's annual Christmas Party held in Rosarito, Mexico. Enjoy the smiles of CCSS's surgical patients, feeding program recipients and their families, along with our exceptional volunteers and cosponsors. This first video is sure to keep the smiles coming, even for its viewers!


Click on the picture to the left to enjoy CCSS's first YouTube video.

December 5, 2009 - Annual Rosarito Christmas Party

On December 5th, CCSS kicked off the Christmas holiday with their annual Christmas party in Rosarito, Mexico at the Children’s Clinic at Playas de Rosarito. Forty-five volunteers donated their time and hearts to make this a spectacular event, handing out toys to 650 children. With more toys to go around, we also gave toys to 50 additional children in the surrounding community of the clinic.


Parents and children enjoyed partaking in the many holiday cakes baked and donated by volunteers, in addition to enjoying an exciting time hitting piñatas and filling their pockets with as much candy as they could possibly grab. To top off the event, the children enjoyed a surprise visit by jolly ole St. Nicholas himself!


Over 1,300 very happy people, including parents and children, were in attendance at this year’s party, and at the end, 45 very tired volunteers were rewarded with a carne asada barbeque to thank them for their wonderful support and making this another successful Christmas extravaganza!


CCSS would like to thank our co-sponsors, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire Attorney’s at Law, for helping us with this event. Attorney Vincent Bartolotta’s family has been sponsoring and attending this annual party along with CCSS for over 30 years, and Mr. Bartolotta has been a part of the festivities since childhood, now carrying on the family tradition, volunteering his time to the children of Rosarito, Mexico. Additionally, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire provide generous financial support the Children’s Clinic at Playas de Rosarito on a monthly basis. Our hats off to you and all our volunteers for another great year of bringing smiles to the precious little faces of the children of Rosarito Mexico and surrounding communities!

October 9-10, 2009 - Mexicali, Mexico Surgical Clinic

CCSS’s Mexicali clinic took place on October 9th and 10th. This was CCSS’s second clinic in 2009 for the community of Mexicali, Mexico, and 32 beautiful children received cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgeries. Just in time for the holidays, they were the blessed beneficiaries of a life-changing gift that will keep on giving. These bright new smiles are sure to shine even more on Christmas morning!


Not only did the children receive new smiles, they also received soft new teddy bears to take home and cuddle with in the recovery room. Over 140 teddy bears were graciously donated by one of our volunteers, Colleen, and her

family, who were able to bring them on the airplane in vacuum sealed packages

placed in duffle bags; an amazing feet to say the least!


Colleen, along with her daughter Taylor, and mother and father, Gary and Mary, accompanied CCSS for this two-day clinic, handing out the donated teddy bears to clinic patients. We would like to thank this awesome family for their compassion and loving support.

September 11, 2009 - Tijuana Surgical Clinic

CCSS’s most recent surgical clinics in Mexicali and Tijuana kept our volunteers extremely busy from sun up to sun down. Beginning with the Tijuana clinic on September 11, 2009, 47 beautiful children were given a new outlook on their futures at the skilled hands and huge hearts of amazing surgeons, who worked tirelessly to provide eye-straightening surgeries. For this particular clinic, CCSS partnered with M.O.S.T. through San Diego’s Mercy Hospital. We could like to thank all their volunteers for their extraordinary support in changing the lives of these children.


October 3, 2009 - Ride for Smiles Charity Ride

October 3rd kicked off the inaugural Ride for Smiles charity ride. Vespa of Oceanside hosted the event at their Pacific Coast Highway showroom. Riders came from near and far and enjoyed an afternoon of music and food, followed by a beautiful ride down the San Diego Coastline, ending with an entertaining raffle giveaway. Perhaps the most popular giveaway was an autographed Chris Chambers football, who is unfortunately now with the Kansas City Chiefs. Thank you for your support Chris!


Weather was warm and sunny, perfect for a ride along the picturesque pacific coast, but nothing shined brighter than the huge hearts of our donors who helped to make a difference in the life of a child.


CCSS would like to thank our many sponsors for their generous gifts:




July 25, 2009 - CCSS Sponsored 'Music Under Evening Skies'

The CCSS sponsored "Music Under Evening Skies" event at Olivera's Coffee & Jucie Bar in Wildomar California was a great success. Numerous area residents enjoyed several evenings of delightfully positive and uplifting music under the warm and beautifully golden Southern California evening sunset.


We would like to thank all the performers for offering their exquisite voices for this event, and for taking time out of their busy schedules to entertain area residents and Olivera's Coffee patrons. We would especially like to thank Iari, who traveled to Souther California from the Bay area. We are honored that you would take time out of your schedule to travel such a great distance.


CCSS would also like to thank Olivera's Coffee & Juice Bar baristas and owner, Lisa, for graciously providing their facilities and friendly service for "Music Under Evening Skies" performers and guests. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


CCSS would like to thank Joseph and Lisa Rountree, Miles, Andrew, Junior, Grace, Lucy, Kansas, Emily, Ryan, Dustan, Brent and Chris for providing their musical talents.


A very special thank you to Emily Martin who organized the entire Music Under Evening Skies event, and Sam Martin for designing the breathtaking event artwork.

July 11, 2009 - Philippines Medical/Dental Clinics

Volunteers for Children's Corrective Surgery Society's medical team arrived in Manila Philippines on June 25, 2009 for CCSS's annual trip to provide medical and dental care to local villagers on the mainland, as well as the island of Mindanao.


This year's trip was especially exciting for our team of volunteers, as television crews arrived to broadcast the basketball games arranged between American athletes who volunteered their skills and the Philippines' National Basketball Association's top team. As basketball is the favorite sport throughout the Philippines, many spectators arrived to watch these two teams face off. These televised games reached all over Asia via a national network station.

Additionally, reporters interviewed team leader June Canoy at one of the CCSS medical clinics, which was televised throughout Asia as well.


Over their two and half week stay in the Philippines, CCSS medical teams provided dental and medical treatment to over 1,500 children. CCSS shipped several thousand dollars worth of medications for the free medical field clinics.


CCSS would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time, skills, and finances to participate in the medical clinics and basketball games. With your help, CCSS was able to bring a ray hope to many lives that were touched through the gifted services you provided throughout your stay. CCSS would also like to thank the Philippines government and citizens for their hospitality.

June 19, 2009 - CCSS Launches New Website

CCSS is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! A lot of care has gone into the planning of our new and improved web presence; we have designed it to provide visitors with all the tools necessary to learn more about CCSS, and about how they may get involved.


Check out some of the new features we now offer, such as Twitter posts, online donations and a fast and easy way to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


Be sure to drop us a line at and let us know what you think!

June 7, 2009 - Tijuana, Mexico Surgical Clinic

A CCSS field team performed corrective surgeries in Tijuana, Mexico on June 5th and 6th, in which 19 individuals received hope for a bright new future! Those who traveled a great distance in order to receive corrective surgery will remain in Tijuana as they recover.


CCSS Patient Care Coordinator Mary Ortiz assists patients by opening her home and providing recovery facilities. Ms. Ortiz is a previous CCSS patient, and has been volunteering her time and services for over 16 years to CCSS International Field Programs.

April 5, 2009 - Mexicali, Mexico Surgical Clinic

CCSS medical volunteers conducted 42 corrective surgeries in Mexicali, Mexico on April 3rd and 4th. Lives were changed for 41 children and 1 adult with the assistance of our gifted and loving medical volunteers.


Local clowns volunteered their whimsical talents, entertaining the children. Their presence helped to keep the children and parents calm, as their minds were kept from the upcoming surgeries.


CCSS volunteers enjoyed a wonderful luncheon prepared by a group of local women. The wonderful gesture was simply to say "thank you" to all our volunteers, and to express how much they appreciate what CCSS is doing for the children of Mexicali and it's surrounding villages. CCSS would like to give special thanks to the Lucerna Hotel in Mexicali, who provided us discounted rooms. This beautiful hotel was a pleasant retreat for the tireless surgeons, doctors, nurses and others who offered their services. This removed the burden for our surgical teams, who typically wait two hours to cross the border into Mexico each day for the surgical clinic.