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With your financial support, you can help remove the mask of deformity so many children are born with each year. For merely $250 (that's .68 cents a day!), a child not only receives a new smile, but a new start on life.


CCSS graciously accepts gifts of any amount. You may also specify your gift to be allocated toward surgical equipment or where needed most. If you are interested in sponsoring a CCSS Field Clinic or an individual patient, you may do so as well. Clinic and patient sponsorships are as follows:


$10,000 Full Clinic Sponsorship
$5,000 Half Clinic Sponsorship
$2,500 Quarter Clinic Sponsorship
$250 Full Patient Sponsorship
$125 Half Patient Sponsorship
$63 Quarter Patient Sponsorship


Please call our toll-free number or e-mail us at if you have any questions on how you may donate.


Children's Corrective Surgery Society is a recognized 501(c)(3) #95-3477397 tax-deductible, non-profit charity, and has a dba of "COAD International Field Programs".


CCSS now provides online donation capability. We accept the following credit cards:



Simply click the "DONATE" button below and enter your gift amount.



If you have a PayPal account, it's even easier to donate! If you're interested in setting up a personal PayPal account, visit to see how you too can benefit from this convenient Internet payment method.

If you prefer, you may telephone us with your gift by contacting Children's Corrective Surgery Society via our toll-free number at (800) 803-9190.


Our friendly volunteers will be happy to assist you.

We accept donations via standard U.S. mail in the form of personal check, money order, cashier's check, or credit card.


Children's Corrective Surgery Society

P.O. Box 500578

San Diego, California 92150


If you're interested in receiving a convenient donation card by mail, please call our toll-free number. CCSS volunteers will be happy to assist you.


Whether you're a church, school, business, community group, or an individual giver, you will find there are many ways to be a part of CCSS's life-changing efforts. Any of the following tax-deductible gifts are graciously accepted:

Charitable Gift Annuity
- Pays an income stream to donor during life. Donor receives current income tax deduction. Remainder at death goes to CCSS.
- Annuity payments to donor.
- Reduces estate tax.
- Can replace dollar value of the donated asset for heirs (at a discount).
Charitable Remainder Trust
- A gift in trust generates an income stream to donor during life from the full current value of the donated asset.
- Remainder at death goes to CCSS.
- Current income tax deduction.
- No capital gains tax on the gift of appreciated asset.
- A stream of income to donor.
- Reduces estate tax.
Outright Gifts
- Monthly or annual tax deductible monetary gifts of any amount.
- A one-time cash gift.
Gifts of Life Insurance
- Current income tax deduction.
- No capital gains tax on gift of appreciated assets.
- Reduces taxable estate.
Personal Property
- Gifts of personal property or other assets: jewelry, vehicles, boats, etc.
- Current income tax deduction.
- No capital gains tax on gift of appreciated assets.
- Reduces taxable estate.
Stocks and Bonds
Stocks in a closely held corporation may make an attractive gift to CCSS. If you give closely held stock, you can claim an income tax deduction (for its appraised fair market value), avoid the capital gains tax liability, and remove this liquid asset from your estate.
Wills are one of the simplest ways to distribute an estate. They can also be a creative vehicle for making thoughtful gifts. After providing for the needs of your loved ones, you may choose one of several ways to donate to CCSS. By having your attorney revise your will or add a simple amendment, you can make a gift of a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after your loved ones have been provided for.
An endowment fund is the donation itself being held in reserve, not to be used except in the case of extreme emergency, while the charity is able to use the interest generated from the fund. Thus, the charity is more likely to have long-term stability. One or two bad years with donations won't sink the organization. A sizeable donation to the endowment fund will result in the donor's name being added to a permanent plaque located at CCSS's main office in California. Any amount can be donated to CCSS through the endowment fund.
Memorial Tribute
This program started in 1974 after a donor had passed away and the family asked that funds be sent to CCSS in lieu of flowers. Later Tributes to living persons were added as funds were donated to honor others. In addition, these Tributes are listed in CCSS newsletters. When someone requests a memorial or tribute, a card is sent to the person or family designated, stating that the donor has made a donation to CCSS to help those in need "in memory of" or "in honor of" the person named. An acknowledgment is also sent to the donor.
Gifts in Kind
Gifts in Kind is an excellent way for a business or corporation to receive a total tax deduction on overruns, overstock or "seconds". In most cases, when these items are sold to companies as "off brands" or "generic" in-house brands, they are recorded as "profit". By donating these items to CCSS, your organization is able to make a tax-deductible contribution and can have the peace of mind in knowing these goods will be provided to assist those in need worldwide.
Vehicle Donations

Do you have an extra vehicle, or one you have been contemplating selling? Take the tax break and donate your vehicle to Children's Corrective Surgery Society. By donating your vehicle, you are helping a child in need. If you or someone you know is interested in donating a vehicle to CCSS, there are a two ways you may do so:


1.) Southern California Residents - If you live in the Southern California area, please contact CCSS to arrange your vehicle donation.


2.) Simply click the V-DAC link below and fill out the form. It couldn't be easier!



To find out more information on the V-DAC program, you may contact them directly or visit their website,


Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC)
116 Washington St., Suite E
Pt. Richmond, CA 94801

Vehicle Donations: (877) 999-8322
Corporate Office: (510) 412-2140


Children's Corrective Surgery Society could not survive without the help of our amazing volunteers! If you would like to assist children in need by donating your time and skills to CCSS, there are several ways to get involved:


1.) If you are a medical doctor, plastic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist or nurse and would like to offer your gifted skills to heal a child in need, you can volunteer to be a part of a CCSS field team project. We encourage you to recruit other professionals to participate in our field clinics as well.


Our field teams can also greatly benefit from the much-needed services provided by those in the dental profession, such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons and dentists.


2.) If the corporation you work for has overruns or "seconds" they would normally destroy or sell at a loss, share with them the CCSS "Gifts in Kind" program. Have them contact us to see if it is something we can redistribute for our field programs.


3.) You or your organization may also partner with CCSS in several other key ways:


- As a financial partner you can be a part of changing lives around the world by sponsoring a field surgical clinic or individual patient.

- Share our life-changing efforts by displaying CCSS materials in your lobby for patients and visitors to view so they too may be a part of the miracle.

- Organize fundraising through your local organizations, private parties, or private grants.

- Volunteer your time and services for field programs.

- Spread the word by passing out CCSS Information brochures.

- Refer individuals in need of corrective surgery.


Contact CCSS to discuss how you may get involved and be a part of the miracle!